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Guadeloupe is the ideal destination for those who love trekking or diving with its wild forests, volcanoes and hills but also its surprising marine depths.


  • Saint François
    • From Anse à la Baie to Anse à l'eau ( 9km ): From the chapel of Olive Bay, you can enjoy the view point over the bay. After crossing the wood, the path follows the coast with sandy passages and passages with grass, then on arrives at the beach of Anse à l'eau. Duration: 3 hours - Distance: 9 km. Durée: 3h00 - Distance: 9km - Difference in levels: 10m -  Short trek
    • The trail of Pointe des Châteaux (11km); Probably one of the most famous itineraries in Guadeloupe. This coastal trail links Anse de la Gourde, an idyllic beach and historical site, to Colibris point where a huge cross dominates the scenery. From this place, you have a magnificent panoramic view, enabling you to see in the distance the neighboring islands. Duration: 3 hours - Distance:10 km - Difference in levels: 27m - Short trek.
  • La Soufrière
    • Follow in the steps of Andézinn and Patiss, a young girl and her grandfather who will take you up to the volcano, La Soufrière,  still active, via the information boards, located all along the way. You begin with a dip into history by taking the paved trail of the Kings steps. While you are going up, the vegetation changes from the humid forest to high altitude savannah. When you arrive at the Savanne-à-Mulets car park, you continue upward using the Chemin des Dames. Duration: 4 hours - Distance: 6,7km - Difference in levels : 670 m - Short trek
  • For more information and if you want to organize your treks, consult the websites: or


  • In Saint François you can dive with:
    • Noa Plongée: who proposes more than 20 diving sites from Saint François to the Pointe des Châteaux, from Petite Terre to La Désirade, according to weather conditions and your level of diving experience. For more information, consult the website:
    • La plongée caribéenne: situated in the Marina, who proposes first diving trips, exploration or junior diving to discover the beauty of the Saint François Bay:


  • Karukéra Land - Sainte-Anne (15km): open since  2015, this 4 hectare leisure park, with a cock mascotte called "e "Karucoco", mixes different activities, pleasure in nature and discovery of the heritage. Discover activities, visits and various entertainments for a half day or a full day, such as the tropical gardens, the zoological park grouping 200 different kinds of animal species, water games with swimming pools, paddling pools, toboggans, leisure sports (climbing, rodeo, motor sports,  speed ball...), relaxing activities (pétanque, mini-golf, baby-foot, billards...). Open from Wednesday to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.. Annual closing from the 31st August to the 16th October - Rates: adults 14€, children: 11€.
  • Ecofuntour - Saint-François (3 km): A fun and ecological way of discovering the history of the Pointe des Châteaux, on a gyropode ( one place electric vehicule) or a ninebot ( one gryroscopic wheel) which you can rent, accompanied by a tourist guide.  
A faire


Guadeloupian gastronomy has a great reputation, with its famous Caribbean specialties, like cod acras, Caribbean black pudding or meat or fish Colombo.

  • Restaurants in Saint-François:
    • Restaurant l'Autre Version (950m): International and Local cuisine 
    • Le Métis Café (7min): Grilled meat and French cuisine
    • Le Zagaya (7min): View over the lagoon, Caribbean cuisine
  • Bars:
    • Kfé Cubano (6min)
    • Gains Bar (6min)
    • Beach Snack (20min)
  • Supermarkets (8 min):
    • Hyper Casino
    • Super U

Rum is an essential specialty in Guadeloupe and you can discover its history and how it's made in the famous distilleries . You can drink rum both  before or after a good meal, but always moderately.

  • The Damoiseau Le Moule Distillery (17km): Founded in the XIXe century, the Bellevue Distillery was bought by Roger Damoiseau in 1942 and became the Damoiseau Distillery. This distillery made white, amber, agricultural rum, but also other old rums, punch and other mixes of  rum. You can visit its installations and its windmill dating back to the the XVIII century.
  • The Domaine de Séverin Distellery  at Sainte-Rose (52km): Before becoming a distillery, Le Domaine de Séverin , made sugar loaves for continental France, then it became a pineapple factory which still produces today, and in addition to the fabrication of rum, it makes local products and breeds ouassou. During your visit, you will discover the agricultural rum, the paddle wheel, the sugar cane fields, the family house, the spice production and the ouassou pools. To end this visit, a rum and punch tasting is proposed. 


For lovers of art and history, many visits to workshops, historical places and exhibitions are proposed around the island.

  • Sainte-Anne - Grande-Terre (15km): Le Gwoka is on the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO. Observed by the local ethnic and religous groups, it is one of the symbolic elements of Guadeloupean society. Grouping music, songs and dances, it accompanies the great moments in daily life, together with festive, cultural and pagan celebrations. You can discover it during the Sainte-Anne Gwoka festival which takes place in July. You can also find it every Tuesday evening at the restaurant restaurant Le Filet du pêcheur in Saint-François.
  • Pointe-Noire - Basse-Terre (75km): Habitation Côte sous-le-Vent: A charming site which stretches over  1,5 hectars in a green setting, a museum for the adults and outdoor game areas for the youngsters. In this former great place famous for pirates and buccaneers in the Caribbean, a typical creole house has been recreated and exposes all the  knowledge of  ancient traditions linked to  working with wood and invites you to discover the colourful world of tropical butterflies. Open every day from 9 am to 5 pm - Rates:9,50€ adults and 4,50€ children
  • Gourbeyre - Basse-Terre (85km): Fidelin Pottery: Listed as a historical monument in December 1977, the former Fidelin pottery will have a new lease of life. A major architectural project has been launched and it will eventually  become a residence for artists dedicated to " fire arts" (pottery, porcelaine, glass) and a place for seminars  and congresses on a human scale.
  • Vieux habitants - Basse-Terre (90km): The Saint-Joseph church: This catholic church is considered to be the oldest in Guadeloupe. It is a particular and lovely monument. Built in 1636 during the colonial period, its porch has been listed as " a historical monument" in  2007.
  • Vieux habitants - Basse-Terre: La Grivelière: Perched on the hills of  Vieux-Habitants, this old creole house, faithfully restored, belongs to the Guadeloupe region. Listed as a historical monument in 1987, this former creole farm dating back to the 18th century, now houses a museum dedicated to the making of the famous coffee:La Maison du café, produced and tasted on the spot. Visitors can learn the process of the growing and transformation of coffee and also visit the creole garden and its chocolate and vanilla plants. You can also have meals as a fixed menu is proposed.
  • Basse-Terre (100km): Built between 1650 and 1770, to defend the harbour of  Basse-Terre from the English invadors, the Fort Delgrès is listed as a historical monument since 1977. Since 2014, it houses the exhibition " 1976, the great explosion, the heart of the events of La Soufrière" dedicated to the volcanic eruption of the same year, the management of the crisis which followed and the consequences for the archipelago. Open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9 am to 16H3O and the Saturdays and Sundays from 0930 to 1630.